A-Arm Guards |Set of 2| by Factory UTV - Textron Wildcat XX

A-Arm Guards |Set of 2| by Factory UTV – Textron Wildcat XX

A-Arm Guards |Set of 2| by Factory UTV - Textron Wildcat XX

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SKU FHZ.01021 WCXXAarm Category Tag
(Last Updated On: October 7, 2022)

Applicability: 2018-19 Textron Wildcat XX

The Textron Wildcat XX was and is a phoenix, so to speak. Born from the ashes of Wildcats of the past, it’s new, revamped, pure sport design signals Textron’s commitment to carrying on the legacy of all the Wildcats that came before. But as goes all machines, your XX included, ownership is only part of the equation. The next is accessorizing, and that’s where we step in because at SideBySideStuff.com, we work to offer aftermarket parts and accessories to get the job done. Take for example, these Front A-Arm Guards that we have available by the team over at Factory UTV.

Designed and manufactured for the Textron Wildcat XX, these guards help to keep your stock a-arms and axles protected from unwanted and unplanned damages while out riding. Each set of guards are manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight plastic for superior resistance to scratching and gouging while out on the trails. So, unlike a traditional aluminum or carbon steel guard that is otherwise going to bend and break after a couple rough impacts, these Factory UTV guards will be able to handle whatever you put them through. So if you’re looking to add some protection to your Wildcat XX, grab these bad boys today and set to work protecting your investment.


Manufactured from plastic

Includes all necessary hardware

Significantly lighter than aluminum

Won’t bend, gouge or dent when impacted like traditional aluminum guards would

Outwears carbon steel 10 to 1

Shared Shipping Program: You pay $16.00 shipping/handling and Side By Side Stuff pays the rest!

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