A-Arm Guards |Set of 4| by Factory UTV - Yamaha Wolverine X2 | X4

A-Arm Guards |Set of 4| by Factory UTV – Yamaha Wolverine X2 | X4

A-Arm Guards |Set of 4| by Factory UTV - Yamaha Wolverine X2 | X4

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SKU FHZ.01012 SBSS-WolvAarm Category Tag
(Last Updated On: October 7, 2022)

Applicability: 2018-20 Yamaha Wolverine X4 and 2019-20 Yamaha Wolverine X2

Having the proper protection for your Yamaha Wolverine X2 is essential for preventing damage to important components. One vital piece of the workings to your suspension are the a-arms which are located between your hub and frame. As you are off having some off road fun or completing tasks around the property the environment can be unforgiving causing destruction to your sxs. The aftermarket A-Arm Guards by Factory UTV, featured on the Side By Side Stuff website, could be the difference of a great time or a Wolverine X4 that’s out of commission.

These heavy duty aftermarket a-arm covers are constructed from for ultimate durability for high levels of impact. The thermoplastic also absorbs sound for a decrease in drive noise and is resistant to environmental elements for protection for years to come. With easy installation and extreme damage prevention you’ll be saving yourself time AND money! Outfit your Wolverine X2 today with the Factory UTV guards for supreme a-arm protection.


Manufactured from plastic

Includes all necessary hardware

Significantly lighter than aluminum

Won’t bend, gouge or dent when impacted like traditional aluminum guards would

Outwears carbon steel 10 to 1

Shared Shipping Program: You pay $34.00 shipping/handling and Side By Side Stuff pays the rest!

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