Taladro de carga 25v m??ltiples funciones litio cargador taladro el??ctrico destornillador el??ctrico destornillador el??ctrico

Nombre del producto: taladro de carga de empuje plano de dos velocidades de 25 V
velocidad sin carga: 0-450 / 0-1850 (rpm)
tensión de alimentación: 25V
Par nominal: 18 + 1 (n * m)
diámetro del plato: 10 (mm)
diámetro máximo de la broca: 10 (mm)
velocidad nominal: 0/780 (rpm)
capacidad de perforación – madera: 25 (mm)
capacidad de perforación – aluminio: 15 (mm)
CPNO: GJ.00075

Taladro de carga 25v m??ltiples funciones litio cargador taladro el??ctrico destornillador el??ctrico destornillador el??ctrico

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(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

LED lighting Continuously variable speed switch;
Non-slip handle Prevent high temperature burning machine;
Multi-purpose for one machine;
Double bearing design, power display

Product name:25V two-speed flat push charging drill
no-load speed:0-450/0-1850 (rpm)
power supply voltage:25V
rated torque:18+1 (n * m)
chuck diameter:10 ( Mm)
maximum diameter of drill bit:10 (mm)
rated speed:0/780 (rpm)
drilling capacity – wood:25 (mm)
drilling capacity – aluminum:15 (mm)

How to use a hammer drill: Step by step guide
Some of the main features of this hammer drill are its push and pull motion along with the powerful drilling effects. These unique effects of the hammer make it efficient for drilling on hard materials efficiently and much quicker. That is why it is essential for the beginners out there to know how to use this drill properly.
Step-1: Get the correct measurement
Either you are drilling or fixing any materials, it is of utmost importance that you have the right measurement of the material before getting started.
First of all get the size of the bit that you want to drill on the specific material. Also, keep in mind an approximate measurement of the hole. Before you start drilling a big hole in the material, try to drill a small portion of the material to check the accuracy of the bit.
Point to be noted: A bit is equipment that you drill or make a hole with.
Step-2: Choose the right nails
Choosing the correct size of the bit or nails depends on the material that you will be drilling. This is an essential step. Make sure that you also consider the sharpness of the bit. You do not want to spoil the shape of the hole with a dull bit. If you??re going to seal the bit with the hammer drill tightly, you can also use carbide.
Step-3: Attach the bit with the drill
Next step is to attach the bit with the hammer drill. Ensure that the bit should be tightly sealed with the drill. To tighten up
the bit more, you can use a tool named Chuck. As mentioned above, you can also use carbide for some additional tightening.
Step-4: Set up the drill bit
It is time to follow this specific instruction very carefully. Measure how deep the hole should be. For example, if your hammer drill got a depth stopper feature, then you should set up the bit in that desired depth. Otherwise, use masking tape to wrap up the bit. It will be easier for you to set up an extent and then to drill it.
Step-5: Plug up the drill
Avoid using the extension cord as much as possible. It can be dangerous. If possible, use a heavy duty cord for this drill. Plug it and select the hammer setting. Ensure to keep yourself away from any damage. That is why; don??t forget to wear safety goggles,ear defenders as well.
Step-6: Point out the area
Put the drill in the preferred area. The pointing should be at the perfect spot. Pull the trigger and guess what? Start drilling.
Don??t apply too much pressure while you drill. The tool will do the job for you.
Step-7: Blow it all away
Are we done? I guess not. After you are with the drilling, there will be some dust and bits of rocks as well. Blow that debris
Sometimes the hammer the drill may not work. Then you can use a concrete nail in the hole and then hammer it. It??s simple.


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